We're Moving

We are moving to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! I will no longer be able to take on doula or midwife clients in the state of Oklahoma. You can still order from me or Natural Family Boutique, regardless of where you live.

Yes, we are moving to Pittsburgh, PA. We will still be in Oklahoma until June 1st at least. we are shooting for having our new house bought and to start moving in sometime late June. If you check back on this page, I will post pictures of the new house, neighborhood and some sight seeing.

I will be connected to the internet and checking my e-mail until the last minute, but will be sans internet for about one month right after we leave. I will try to check e-mail at the public library or on campus, if time permits, otherwise I suggest you reach me via my cell phone (405.816.4113) until we are up and running again. When my phone number changes, I will post it.

My husband will be attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where he will be completing his Music Production degree. I will still be attending school via distance learning and have decided to put my Doctor or Naturopathy on hold while I finish up my double major in Social Sciences/Anthropology and Humanities through the University of Pittsburgh.

In Pittsburgh, I will still be accepting doula/montrice clients who are planning homebirths only and I will still accompany those clients in the event of a hospital transfer, but I will not be accepting doula clients who are planning hospital births.

If you live in the Pittsburgh area and are looking for a midwife to attend your homebirth, please contact me via e-mail.


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