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Rootwork/Conjure and Magic Work
First, do not lie, we both know that you clicked on this tab first! Magic? Yes! Magic indeed. Appalachian Granny Mountain Magic. African-American Southern Protestant Magic. Romani Folk Magic. Traditional Witchcraft. For some people, spiritual health and healing go beyond the usual energy-based or spirit-based and into the realm of magic. Magic,Traditional Witchcraft, and religion are not mutually exclusive; many religious people all across the world incorporate Witchcraft or some element of Magic into their lives and religious practices without contradiction. I am happy to offer my services to any persons, regardless of their personal religious beliefs (or lack thereof). If you are interested in reading a bit more about Magic as a social service and as a modality that is part of a holistic healing regimen, this article from early 2013 over at Huffington Post is a decent read.

Services Currently Offered:*
Blessing/Cleansing of Home or Business
Spirit Cleansing & Clearing
Candle Lighting (setting of lights)
Charm Bags
Spellcrafting & Spellworking
Prayer/Altar Cards

*Any products recommended to clients that are available for purchase from Natural Attachment may be paid for during a visit or purchased at a later date.

Consultation and Reading Visit:
Usually my rootwork and spellworking encompass magic that does not need a full ceremonial ritual. Most clients find that they only need an extra push in the right direction or help in finding a solution to the situation, which brought them to me. A variety of techniques pulled from many different traditions to create workings specifically for the client are used. I work in areas of love, health, protection, luck, uncrossing/unhexing, and banishing magic.

During a consultation, one of the first things I will do is some kind of divination: to get a better understanding of what needs to be done and whether or not I believe myself to be capable of helping with the situation at hand. The client and I will also discuss the matter at length. I will then decide what course of action best suits the client's particular needs. Best actions can include a setting of lights (candle magic), making a spirit/root/mojo bag, spellwork, or a custom item. Keep in mind that rootwork and spellworking are not intended to diagnose or treat disease or mental health issues; if you believe you need medical treatment or guidance concerning a mental health issue, please seek the help of a qualified physician or psychotherapist. Rootwork and spellcrafting are intended to be utilised along with the ordinary and practical actions to be taken in obtaining a desired outcome.

Clients pay a fee for their consultation and then pay additional fees for the appropriate action/work to be done. If a client finds that she can not afford the necessary work to be done at the time of consultation, she may postpone the work (and payment for the work) for up to four weeks; after which time, another consultation is required to revisit the situation and assess if different work should be done.

Client Consultation and Reading --- $50 (approx. 30 minutes + time for any work to be done in person)
Candle Lighting (setting of lights) --- $10 (lasts for seven days)
Charm/Spirit/Root/Mojo Bags --- $20 - $50 (usually $20, depending on materials used)
Spellcrafting & Spellworking --- $25 - $150 (depending on materials, time, and complexity of spell)

Candle Lighting (setting of lights):
Everyone has heard someone say “I will light a candle for you.” Some people say this and never actually intend to light a candle, but what they really mean is, “I will be thinking of you/praying for you.” I actually light candles for people. I anoint the candle in oil and sometimes write names or messages on the candle or on little slips of paper (petitions) under the candle and then I light it and pray over it. An intention and thought is reinforced by the energy of fire. It is much like a prayer. Candle magic is old magic. I make notes as I observe and interpret the candle while it burns, looking for signs to predict the outcome of the spell or petition. Once the candle has completely burned (after seven days), I will email you a brief summary of the interpretation.

Besides the seven day candle petitions that are usually lit for clients after a Consultation and Reading, I also offer 15 hour Devotional candles to pay homage to a particular source that has aided you recently (saints, G-d, spirits, deities, and various elemental energies) and five hour Prayer candles to put forth a little extra energy for prayers directed at an ailing loved one or good luck on a big exam.

Seven Day Candle Petition/Spell --- $10 (brief email report included)
15 hour Devotional Candle --- $5
5 Hour Prayer Candle --- Donations Accepted

Charm Bags:
Charm bags or Spirit/root bags (mojo bags or gree-gree/gris-gris) are basically spells or prayers in a bag for clients to carry around: a more focused form of intent and thought than just lighting a candle. They are small cotton flannel cloth bags with magical items inside (incense, herbs, roots, bones, curios, rocks/gems/crystals/minerals, dirt/sand/salt, messages on slips of folded paper, etc.), which are then smudged, blessed, or anointed (dressed) and then given to clients to carry around with them or place in certain places (like on an altar).

Charm bags can usually be made on the spot and in person for a client. However, sometimes certain ingredients might need to be collected or ordered and this can take some time. While payment is required in advance, if the situation the bag was being constructed for improves or is resolved before the bag is completed and in use, the fee minus a $5 restocking fee will be refunded. If a charm bag must be delivered via postal service and not in person, a nominal shipping fee of $3.00 will be added to the cost and detailed written usage instructions will accompany the charm bag. 

Charm/Spirit/Root/Mojo Bags --- $20 - $50 (usually $20, depending on materials used)
Shipping for Charm Bag --- $3 (if this is necessary)

Spellcrafting & Spellworking:
Crafting and working spells takes time and knowledge. I create a magical link between a client and the work at hand by getting the client's personal concerns, petitions, and/or name papers and those of their target if the spell involves another person. I also give clients a few spiritual supplies (a perfume to wear, special salts to bathe in, or herbal teas to drink) with detailed instructions on how to use them. Clients take their spiritual supplies home to use them and I perform a ritual to complete the job. Afterwards, I contact the clients and let them know how the ritual went and when/how they should start to see results. Some spellwork requires several days of ritual or for rituals to be done on certain days/during certain moon phases. 

# I do not do spellwork that involves controlling, commanding, or possessing another person causing them to harm themselves, another person, or to be seduced. 
# I hold the right to refuse any spell requests for any reason.
# I only cautiously accept some requests for Love & Attraction spells.
# I do not undo my own magical work, so be careful what you ask for.

Simple & Short In Person Spellwork --- $25
Basic One Time Only Ritual --- $35
Moderately Complex Week-long Ritual --- $75
Complicated Month-long Ritual --- $150

Prayer/Altar Cards:
Many people find that they can more easily focus their energy and intent with the help of a prayer card or special card to place on their altar at home. Cards can be like mini spells in and of themselves. I create them by collaging relevant pictures from magazines or photographs onto the "front side" of blank standard sized tarot cards. The cards can represent saints or deities, elemental energies like fire or air, desires such as love or a new home, or people (usually ancestors for ancestry altars and worship). Client will email me a description of what theme is desired for the card. Optionally, clients can supply any imagines that they want incorporated on their card. Unless a client has an appointment scheduled with me for another service, I will mail the finished card to them. 

Prayer/Altar Card --- $12
Postal Fee --- $1.50

Blessing/Cleansing of Home or Business:
Do you need your new house (or an old one in the family) cleansed and blessed to bring about peace and harmony in your life at home? What about your new business venture; does your office building or space need to be cleansed and blessed? I will come to your house or business with all the supplies needed, perform the required cleansing/blessing, and make sure to leave you any detailed instructions for further action if required. >>I will need to be allowed to burn candles and incense or a smudge stick in the space.<<

First room or office space --- $50
Additional rooms or offices --- $25
Whole House/Small Office Building Package --- $175 (3000sqft maximum)
Each Additional 3000sqft of Office/Warehouse Space --- $100

Additional Modalities:
During a consultation, if it seems prudent or a client is particularly interested in benefiting from a Holistic or Spiritual healing modality or therapy, these may be used as well.

Payments and Insurance:
Because Rootworkers/Conjurers and Witches use their talents to benefit the communities they live in, personal compensation from the people benefiting from their services only makes sense. Their services are not those which are regulated by governments or covered under insurance plans. We have tried to keep our fees set low to make our services accessible. Payment is due at the time of service. We accept payments made using: Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, Paypal, Square, and Amazon Gift Cards. If you prefer another method that is not listed, please let us know. Due to the nature and unpredictability of this type of work, refunds are not available.

All services, unless otherwise specified, will take place in the client's home until the Summer/Autumn of 2014 when our home office will be open for clients.

The material in this website is provided for information purposes only. This information is not a substitute for, medical diagnosis, medical advice, or medical treatment prescription. Consult your health care provider for more information.